want to start a blog, here is our quick guide to build a WordPress blog in just 60 minutes.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is most powerful tool to run blogs Almost 40% of worlds sites are currently running on WordPress.

You need to keep in mind few quick setups which will help you to boost your blog and help you to generate more revenue from your blog business.

Few Basic steps before starting a WordPress Blog

  1. Select Your Niche
  2. Buy Your Domain, we recommend GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides you domains in cheap rates with amazing support and it is easy to manage.
  3. Purchase Your Hosting , We recommend SiteGround. siteground provides powerful WordPress hosting which is much faster as compared to others and its dashboard is very easy to understand even for non techies.
  4. Login to yours WordPress Dashboard.
  5. Installing WordPress theme
  6. Installing WordPress basic Plugins for your blog.
  7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization )

Select Your Niche

this is most important step before starting a blog. you have to keep in mind important things before selecting a niche. 1: In which specific field you have interest like Food, tech, automobiles etc. 2: trending and competitions. You have to combine both these things and comes up with a brand new idea which has less competition and you also can write stuff about it.

Buy Your Domain

You can buy your domain from different platforms like godaddy, bluehost, namecheap. Keep in mind SEO basic terms before purchasing a domain. try to keep your main keyword in the domain for example your targeted audience is food loving and you are going to write stuff for food lovers then get a domain that has name something relevant to food.

Purchase Your Hosting

Choosing a right platform for your hosting is also a important part because it will help your WordPress blog in future in terms of regarding security, more users, more speedy. there are many platforms which provide you best WordPress hosting like SiteGround , Godaddy, Bluehost. our recommendation is siteground because it very good WordPress hosting. the speed of the servers of siteground is very amazing and it also comes up with their cache plugins which helps your optimize your site very well.

Setting Up Your WordPress

First you need to install your WordPress to yours hosting you can find it here how to it "How to Install WordPress – Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial"

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Login to Yours WordPress Blog Dashboard
Login to Yours WordPress Blog Dashboard

Setting Up Your WordPress theme

WordPress comes with their default theme you have to choose a best that reflect your niche for example if you are going to design a website that is about the news than you have to go with the magazine styles themes or if you want a simple WordPress blog that you can chose any good theme like Astra. WPocean etc

choosing a theme for WordPress blog
choosing a theme for WordPress blog

if you want a custom WordPress blog theme that has a unique design and good website loading speed we have a custom solution for your business. contact us now we can provide you best WordPress solutions that help your to grow in your niche.

Installing Basic WordPress plugin that help your WordPress Blog

Installing WordPress basic plugins for blog

these plugins help your you make your website more effective in terms of SEO which and it will also it will help your to secure your website from hacker attacks that's surely gonna happen in near future.


Seo is the most important part on any WordPress blog that if you are writing blogs and no one is reading that then all of yours hard work is going into vain. it will help your blog to comes up in google searches and it boost your blog income. For this you need proper content it should be SEO friendly.

you have to do make a proper strategy for the seo. Seo contains two parts on page SEO and the off page SEO. You have to work on both of these to manage to rank in Search Engines.

You can hire a seo specialist for your blog as well " CONTACT US NOW "

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