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In this article we will show you how to install WordPress plugin but first we explain about what is WordPress plugin? WordPress plugin kind of software or extension that extends the WordPress functionality.

For example if you want that user can fill the contact form in your site and submission will send it to yours email.

then, we need install WordPress plugin into our website.

there are many different plugins available for this purpose. some of them are free and some of them are paid.

we will go with the the free version of the contact form which name is "Contact Form 7 ".

there are few basic step steps to install WordPress Plugin which we show you in this article.

First we need to login into our WordPress dashboard and click on the Plugin tab from menu

Install WordPress Plugin
Installing WordPress Plugin

second step is to search for the specific plugin you want to install in to your website. In the search bar on the right side type the name of plugin.

in our case the required plugin is "contact form 7".

when you type the name the WordPress dashboard will show you the results and the first that is showing in the results is our required plugin.

Click on the install now button to install.

Install WordPress Plugin
Install WordPress Plugin

in the next step we will activate the WordPress plugin.

these are the 4 basic steps to setup WordPress plugin into a WordPress website.

there are tons of WordPress free and paid plugins that you can use to extent the functionality and features of your website.

for example if want to make a online store then you can install Famous Woocommerce plugin in your WordPress website nad sell your digital or physical products online.

or if you want a online LMS then you can go with a LMS plugin.

you should be sharp enough to select the best plugin for your website that fulfill your needs.

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