build WordPress site Using Gutenberg

Most of the WordPress users and developers did not want to build site using Gutenberg page builder.

but our experience with Gutenberg is quite amazing and here we will explain how Gutenberg is good for building sites.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is launched in June 2017 and this is a default WordPress editors and page builder that allows users to build sites using drag & drop. Gutenberg is block based and you just have to select the block which you want to implement on the page.

if the WordPress has older version and you want to setup Gutenberg page builder.

Go to yours plugin section and install Gutenberg plugin. if you don't know how to install plugin you can read the article here

how to install WordPress plugin

Reasons to build WordPress site Using Gutenberg

here are the following reasons to use Gutenberg as your default page builder in WordPress website.

Gutenberg Is Free

Gutenberg is totally free in WordPress. As default to edit page and posts Gutenberg is selected.

Easy to use for Newbie

its comes with an amazing user experience and you can easily edit your posts and pages with using this.

If you have just started WordPress and have zero knowledge of coding.

you can edit and customize your content easily using it.

it has lot of built in block which you can use in your content and style them according to your needs.

Styling options in Gutenberg

you can style most of blocks and change it according to your needs.

you can change colors , font size, columns color width and much more using this.

just select a block and on the right side a pannel will appear.

where you can style the content or your block.

build WordPress site Using Gutenberg

And if you have good CSS coding knowledge and want to customize things on high level ?

you can easily give specific CSS id or class to any block and then add tadeonal content in it.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop is the main reason to build WordPress site Using Gutenberg.

because if modern eras most of the user just want to easily handle their website.

there are lot built in blocks in it which you can use in your post and pages.

you can easily select one of them by just clicking on plus button.

You can also just click on the which you want to put in your page or post and it will be place there.

Free Addons Plugins and templates

there are tons of free addons plugins which provide more effective and more customizable blocks for gutenberg. you canuse these plugins create more effective and attractive websites.

for example you can install a plugin called Ultimate addon for Gutenberg this will provide you additional blocks for your website.

Just like blocks , there are tons of free prebuild templates for Gutenberg which you can use to create beautiful website in just couple of hours,

& replace the content which with your own content.

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